Who are we?

SWiM Relationship Academy is a first-class relationship education provider. We provide research-based relationship education programs for both married and singles. These programs are effective in helping couples stay together and making unhappy relationships/marriages more satisfying. We teach relationship practices and principles that promote relational resourcefulness, restoration and maintenance.

Our programs focus on dynamic factors that have been proven to strengthen relationships/marriages. We provide practical and contemporary information that are not only relevant to present-day relational challenges, but also meet your deep emotional needs.

We know the devastating effects of unhealthy relationships/marriage on the performance, productivity and general well-being of people. We are therefore positioned as an intervention in this space to help people deal effectively with the issues they presently have and also prepare them with healthy tools for making better decisions for the future.

At SWIM Academy, We Offer;

Marital Education Program

It is our post-marital counseling course. We help couples to intimately learn themselves and their spouses. We also walk couples through their current/existing marital challenges and how to avert future occurrences.

Specialized Family Restructuring

This refers to separated, divorced and blended family structure. We offer support to this unique family dynamics and their wards so that they can build emotionally healthy and stable marriage and children.

Emotional Therapy

We know it is difficult for most people to navigate their emotional terrain. Most people do not know how to communicate what they are feeling neither do they know how to communicate what they expect from others. Growing up, some have been badly emotionally bartered and traumatized. We help you heal from past emotional hurts and equip you with skills to live healthy emotional lives.

Relationship Coaching Services

We work with both single and married people who need guidance on how to run their relationship

Self Discovery/Development Coaching

We work with people who are interested in achieving their full potential to develop self awareness and mastery.

Marriage Enrichment Courses

We organize seminars and boot camps to help couples build healthy and fun-filled marriages

Pre-Marital Classes

Our premarital classes equip and prepare singles to know what to expect and how to handle the inevitable challenges in marriage. We reduce the culture shock you would experience in marriage.

Classes & Seminars

Our classes and programs have been effective in producing marriages with less negative interaction, more positive interaction, lower rates of relationship aggression, lower rates of breakup or divorce and higher levels of relationship satisfaction.


Our Programs and Courses

focus on dynamic factors that have been proven to strengthen relationships/marriages. We teach practical and contemporary information that is relevant to present-day marital challenges but also meets your deep emotional needs.


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