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Our courses are broadly categories into three; Full Courses, Short Seminars and Specialised Courses.

You can enroll for our programs either for self or professional development. Our professional programs offer credits on each course.

Full Courses are priced differently from other categories. A collection of three courses is offered at a discounted price. You may however decide to enroll for one course per time at a full price.

Our courses are designed to give you fresh perspectives and broadened knowledge on key issues that are really at the root of most issues in relationship and marriage.

We have intentionally shifted focus away from elementary, general knowledge and over-flogged discussions that have been mostly unproductive. This category of information is what is commonplace out there. The curriculum of SWiM Relationship Academy is a departure from the regular.

We dwell on root issues that influence couple behavioural traits, psychological predisposition and the emotional state. The in-depth knowledge and professional edge we possess sets us miles apart from others.

We are a first-class relationship institution. We deliver world-class best practice and information.



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