Frequently Asked Questions

Most times a couple doesn’t always recognize that their problems can no longer be dealt with at home, together. The truth is, there's no simple answer, but when in general you begin to get a sense that you are at a state in your relationship where you no longer feel heard and understood by your partner no matter how hard or simply you try to explain yourself, then you need external help.
Yes, sure. Both parties need to heal, so if a party decides to terminate the process, I can see you individually provided that the other party is also aware that your course is still on-going.
Most times clients already know what their problem is and have a reasonable idea of the particular service that suits their needs. But, if you want our professional input, we can carry out our own diagnosis and suggest appropriate courses for you.
There are instances when it may be necessary to see couples separately but truth be told when we start seeing you for individual counseling, it makes your partner think we will become partial to your perspective and become a biased 3rd party. But in any case, if ever there’s any need to have an individual counselling session without your partner being present, we will know. We understand that every case has its peculiarity and should be treated with its own merits but nothing is shrouded in secrecy.
The online course has basically all the resources you will need if you know its application. But, if in any case you want to still schedule a personal counselling session with me, why not? The advantage personal sessions have is that it helps you interpret concepts and practicalise models to your personal needs which is why it attracts additional cost because it is sure tailored to your needs.
We have a premium package (private off-site counseling) that caters for that. We have high net-worth clients who do not want to come to our office and desire to keep their sessions strictly private, hence we go to their homes.
No, we also have programs for single and engaged individuals.
Yes we have programs for divorced individuals. Divorcees need to heal from past emotional wounds and also need to learn skills to help them build better relationships in the future. Also, we help blended families gain stability and learn how to blend their families together for a hitch-free relationship.
We hold seminars (both free and paid) to enlighten, equip and educate singles on the how to make better choices in relationship.
One of our core trademarks is that we pride ourselves for keeping your information confidential. We are trained to do this and we sign an agreement to that effect.
Though I am a Christian, but I am also a professional who understands the boundaries between religion and professionalism. We have clients from all walks of life and religious affiliations.

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