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Nike Adekunle

Nike Adekunle

Nike Adekunle is a Certified Marriage Instructor with several years of experience. She dreams of living in a world filled with happy marriages and relationships. Through my education, professional experience, and personal life experiences, I passionately love to serve adults in insecure romantic relationships experience soul-deep intimacy.

She obtained a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management University of Glasgow, Scotland, the United Kingdom. She was certified by the Family Wellness Associates (North Carolina, USA). She also possesses certificates in Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) in Couple Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She’s an erudite author and has authored different books including; ‘Behind the Scene’, ‘Etiquette Manual for Little Children’, ‘My Version’, ’Relationship Unfeigned’, as well as several unpublished works; she takes interest in writing and public communications.

She is the Founder of SWiM – Sisters, Wives and Mothers Foundation (a non-governmental organization that is concerned about meeting various needs of women) and the Founder/Dean of School of SWiM Relationship Academy (a first-class Relationship Education School). She is a regular guest on various radio and TV shows/programs. She is a well sought-after public speaker at various programs and events.

My Initiative

Let me start by saying, I never believed I could start an NGO in my lifetime. Not because I think I’m bad but because I think I am better as a support to anyone else.

I love to support other people’s dreams, I would give my all to ensure it works and thrives, maybe one of the things I love the most is that I love to critically analyse things, so you would always find me questioning the leader, though this is usually geared towards understanding what the goal and objectives of our collective dream is.

Another thing is that I love practical solutions to issues. Then, as a young wife and mum, I desperately wanted practical tips that could help me navigate my new home, child and marriage. I also knew because my parents were separated for the most part of my childhood that I needed Godly examples. So I constantly sought out people who I believed were Godly to listen to them and watch them as role models. I went as far as subscribing to a women’s magazine that profiled top women achievers, but their opinions were not pragmatic enough for me.

As a young wife and mother, I was making avoidable mistakes, committing blunders and errors every now and again. Then I became very critical of people that have gone ahead. What are they all doing? Can’t they teach those of us coming behind? I would say very critically. As I continued to stumble through life and kept maturing only by grace, it suddenly occurred to me that I was committing the same blunder I was accusing my ‘seniors’ of. I also was mostly concerned about my personal and family comfort! So it dawned on me that I could be the change that I wanted to see and that it really takes a lot of sacrifices to take away your eyes from your primary needs to attend to the needs of others.

So I started the initiative SWiM – Sisters, Wives and Mothers so that I could help ladies and young women to live better with their husbands, children and families.

The idea is to sensitize them ahead on how to handle issues that I faced. I didn’t think I had what it took but just felt that well, someone in a similar position I was way back, could just need what I have, and that’s all. I had no laurels, only scars. I never believed it would grow into what it has become today.

I kept hosting self-funded meetings and seminars and was just highly fulfilled to see people getting better. Due to my experience of living with separated parents, I knew I got interested in relationship matters very early in life. I would constantly ask myself why my parents’ relationship didn’t work and I carried the guilt of not being able to do anything about it.

Well, that interest spurred me on to get trained and embark on research about relationships and that was how REALationship Unfeigned was birthed. I never knew one day a practice SWiM Relationship Academy would be born. To God be the glory, both the practice and NGO arm of what I do has been a blessing to several people and still counting. It makes me feel special and blessed.

My Family

My husband is a solicitor that works in the financial services industry. He is a children lover and a big parenting education enthusiast. He runs The Adekunle Child Foundation – an initiative for vulnerable children.

He is a very simple and humble man. He loves family and family life. He helps us create memories and immortalize them by constantly taking pictures. We both have a special love for hymnals but asides that our musical taste is far apart. He is very hospitable and thank God for that because I’m opposite, to which extent, we complement each other. Thanks to him for letting me fly and to be myself without feeling guilty.

My kids are one of the best things that happened to me. I have a beautiful girl and two big boys, who by the way are twins. So I am blessed to have both single and double.

They are all amazingly special and different. No two of them are the same, so it means they hold different spots in my heart. I love them all to bits. I try to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace their strengths.

They challenge me in more ways than one. Because of them, I keep learning and striving, they keep me constantly on my toes. They encourage the best in me. Thanks guys for being who you are. I don’t know what I did for God to deserve you. Thanks for graciously accepting me and my mistakes and I promise as long as God helps I will keep doing my best.

I come from a family of very creative people. My mum – Mrs Beatrice Iyiola (we call her Iya Nurse) is my backbone. My three brothers Kunle Afod, Lanre and Layi rock always, what creative bunch! My mum-in-love Mrs Deborah Adekunle (a Godly woman) and my brothers and sisters-in-love (Niyi, Yomi, Ronke, Banke and Wuyi) surround my life with so much love and I’m grateful.

I have an imaginary friend, who is my companion, comforter and compass, he is the Holy Spirit. He always leads me to the other members of the 3 musketeers.

My Everyday Life

I love to be guided by routines, I love living a structured life but I have never been able to fully live up to it. I create schedules that I do not necessarily follow and I tell myself, well, it’s only a guide.

But a good day is the day I wake up early, spend quality time in prayers and study, do a form of exercise, can eat healthy, can journal (love writing down my flowing thoughts) and have people around me to gist and laugh with. I get an energy rush when I’m able to tick off activities on my to-do list.

I love the idea of treating work as play. When I’m not counseling or creating relationship/marital courses or writing a book, you can find me concentrating on my guilty pleasures – watching a good romantic movie that is not action packed, lol.

My Favourite Things

I think I grew up somewhat tomboyish so now I am attempting a conversion. I like to be ladylike, but without the excesses, because I am not afraid of what typical ladies are afraid of like cockroaches and lizards – I can hunt them down.

I love pink, purple and ash colours but I am exploring other colours. So right now, my exploration has led me to teal (my covenant colour) and burnt orange.

I love moderation and have deliberately decided to stay two steps backward in fashion. Love clothes, a one-bag person (rock it till it fades) and prefer metal jewellery to beads any day.

Love eating rice in whatever colour and can live on it (ok maybe and bread) if not for health reasons.